Guitar & Bass: Full chords in keyboard key

These chords correspond to the keyboard accompaniments. 
When the keyboard accompaniment chords result in ‘unfriendly’ keys and chords for guitarists, there is also a Capo Chord version available.

Keyboard accompaniment chords can sometimes be more complex than guitar chords. Often it is possible to simply play the root of a complex chord (example: a ‘C’ chord can frequently be substituted for a ‘Cmaj7’; an ‘Em’ for a ‘Em9’, etc).

When using this guitar notation for a bass instrument, follow the notes below the slash or horizontal bar when they appear (example: for ‘C/E’, the guitar chord is ‘C’ and the bass note is ‘E’).

When playing slash chords, whenever possible avoid playing low notes on the guitar which are in close proximity to the bass player’s notes. Using the ‘C/E’ example: The guitarist should avoid playing the ‘G’ note on the low ‘E’ string and the ‘C’ note on the ‘A’ string. This is not always easy — and sometimes just not practical — but clarity of the overall sound will be improved immensely by either:
1) doubling the bass note as the bottom guitar note (in this case, make an ‘E’ the lowest note), or
2) leaving ‘air’ between the bass note and the lowest lowest notes played by the guitar. Not doing so can result in a thick or muddy bottom end.

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