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  • New song by Gordon Light added
    • A new song by Gordon Light has been added to the site today. “Dust and Ashes” is so appropriate at this particular time. From Gordon’s comments: “In the many moments when terror strikes — whether in the violence of natural disaster or of human heartlessness — we call on God to lift us from a sense of helplessness to give ourselves to one another.” The Audio Sample features the song sung in its entirety by Common Cup Company.

  • "Walls That Divide" Video Accompaniment Added (viewable on Vimeo)
  • "Renewing Our Spirits" Video Accompaniment track added (viewable on Vimeo)
  • "Simple to Be" Video Accompaniment track added (viewable on Vimeo)
  • "Simply to Be" Accompaniment Track added (downloadable for subscribers and purchasers)
    • Today, an Accompaniment Track was added for “Simply to Be” (downloadable for subscribers and purchasers)

      Accompaniment Tracks are located at the bottom of the middle column on song pages and are only accessible to site subscribers and single title purchasers.

      This track includes piano, bass, and percussion with a virtual flute providing the melody as a sing-along guide. Depending on your browser, there are different paths for downloading music files.

      If you have any difficulty, contact Christina, the site’s ‘handy-person’ (