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  • Projection Files for "Bathe Me in Your Light"
  • 2 new versions for "We Are Not Our Own"
    • “WE ARE NOT OUR OWN”: 2-part (SA) and 3-part (SSA) hymn-style versions added today.

  • New SAB Choral Anthem for "We Are Not Our Own"
    • “WE ARE NOT OUR OWN” (words by Brian Wren): In addition to the SATB Choral Anthem which was added to the site recently, a new SAB Choral Anthem version was added today (FULL SCORE VERSION for director, accompanist and other musicians; CHORAL PARTS VERSION for singers). A unique feature of this anthem is that it includes “A NEW CREED”, an optional section which can be spoken by choir and congregation with instrumental musical background. The anthem is designed so that it may be offered with or without the creed.

  • SATB Choral Anthem for "We Are Not Our Own"
    • “We Are Not Our Own” with words by Brian Wren uploaded today. Versions include an SATB anthem setting which incorporates “A New Creed” as an optional spoken part for both choir and congregation.

  • SATB Choral Anthem for "Bread of the World" (New Title)
    • A new title added to the site today which includes an SATB choral anthem arrangement with optional Soprano Descant and two optional instrument parts (flute and violin) as well as optional guitar and bass parts. In addition, there’s a separate chart with capo chords for guitar since the anthem isn’t in a particularly ‘guitar-friendly’ key.

      The text has been adapted from a hymn written by Reginald Heber 200 years ago this year!