A House Has Different Rooms

One of four songs for when younger people are moving to groups or classes

Music by Ron Klusmeier
Words by Fred Kaan

Lyrics as Poetry

A house has different rooms,
we go through many doors;
the church is like a house
and all its space is ours.

The church is like a home,
a roof to shelter all:
together or apart,
from toddlers to the tall.

We’re here in Jesus’ name,
who said that he would be
among us in the crowd
or met as two or three.

Words by
Fred KaanCopyright © 1989 by Hope Publishing Company
(Carol Stream, Illinois) for USA and CanadaCopyright © 1989 by Stainer & Bell Limited
(London, England) for all other territories

Comments About Song

This is one of four short hymn texts written by Fred Kaan during the course of 1987 while he served at Central (Ecumenical) Church in Swindon, England. They are intended to be used at the time in worship services when younger people are about to ‘leave’ to go to their own groups or classes.

The other three selections from the set
(all available on this website) are:

“Although We Go Our Separate Ways”
“Before We Came to Church”
“Upstairs? Downstairs”

All four of these texts appear in Fred’s book,
“The Only Earth We Know”.

The Only Earth We Know
(Hymn Texts by Fred Kaan)
is co-published by:Hope Publishing Company
Carol Stream, IL USA
(for USA and Canada)Stainer & Bell, Limited
London, England
(for all other countries)

                                                    Audio Sample for "A House Has Different Rooms"

One verse
played on piano

Season, Theme
or Subject

  • All-ages
  • Celebration
  • Children∶ moving to classes
  • Children∶ music about
  • Children∶ music for
  • Christian∶ community
  • Church∶ fellowship
  • Church∶ ministry
  • Church∶ worship
  • Intergenerational

Presentation Suggestions

This song offers itself as a fine teaching moment. Children will understand the concept of houses having different rooms and the fact that more than one can be occupied at the same time. Even so, all of those in the various rooms are together beneath one common, sheltering roof.

Consider singing this short song twice. Between the two sung times, speak the words line-by-line and invite conversation about the comparisons between houses and church buildings.

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