All Perceiving Lover

Music by Ron Klusmeier
Words by Brian Wren

Lyrics as Poetry

All-perceiving Lover,
sensing each disguise,
kindly you uncover
bruised and aching eyes.
Wake us into wonder
at your dawning day.
Halt us with your thunder
on our stubborn way.Armored with our work-load,
in unfeeling walls,
reaching for your love-road
as the Spirit calls,
guide us as we fumble
for the open air.
Show us, though we stumble,
how to feel and care.Let no gift lie fallow
in self-bruising blight,
hiding in the shadow
of another’s light.
Let your new commission
touch our every choice,
free from false submission
as we find our voice.Ever-singing Lover,
good and guiding Star,
helping us discover
who we really are,
Life-creating Wisdom,
always you amaze!
Fit us for your freedom.
Fill us with your praise!

Words by
Brian WrenCopyright © 1989 by Hope Publishing Company
(Carol Stream, Illinois) for USA,
Canada, Australia and New Zealand.Copyright © 1989 by Stainer & Bell Limited
(London, England) for all other territories

Comments About Song

from his book “Piece Together Praise” (p 139):

“Prompted by Acts 26:12-23 [and] written en route to Yale University, where I preached on that text at Berkeley Divinity School on the Feast of the ‘Conversion’ of St. Paul.”

“I would not now speak in that way. As Krister Stendahl points out, ‘conversion’ is a loaded word, suggesting a change from being Jewish, Buddhist, etc. to being a Christian.”

“Here is an example of how language habits can shape and distort our thinking. To speak of Paul’s experience as a ‘conversion’ is a) anachronistic – there wasn’t a full-fledged Christianity to be converted to; b) anti-Jewish, reading back later divisions and later anti-Judaism into the text; and c) inaccurate, since Paul speaks of his experience as God’s call to him, a Jew, to proclaim Jesus, a Jew, as Christ (Messiah) to the Gentiles.”

“Stanzas 2 and 3 explore how we hide from God, whether it be within the castle of the self, or behind another person whom we make all-important in our life.”

Piece Together Praise
(A Theological Journey)
is co-published by:Hope Publishing Company
Carol Stream, IL USA
(for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand)Stainer & Bell, Limited
London, England
(for all other countries)

                                                    Audio Sample

One verse played on piano

Scripture Reference

  • Acts 26:12-23

Season, Theme
or Subject

  • Call to Worship
  • Commissioning
  • Conversion
  • God∶ nature of
  • Heal, Healing
  • Introit
  • Labour & Leisure
  • Spirit
  • Trust

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