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  • One of the things which Shirley Erena Murray had long wanted to do was to create reflections and meditations for her hymn texts. With her passing in 2020, it appeared that such a dream would never be realized.

    I’m deeply touched that Walter Farquharson has taken on the task of writing reflections for some of Shirley’s poetry which appears on the Musiklus website. Inspired by her texts, Walter’s ability to take us deeper is a gift for all, especially those who creatively link the sung word to the spoken word in services of worship.

    Information or thoughts included in the Reflections might be used when introducing a song or hymn, as sermon-starter ideas, or as triggers for reflecting on one’s own experiences. This resource along with the Scripture Reference and the Season, Theme and Subject indexes provide opportunities to place musical selections within the context of specific worship themes.

    Walter has begun working through Shirley’s titles on the site alphabetically and has completed the first nine as of today. You can find his Reflections by scrolling down the page until they become visible in the left column of each song’s title page.

    Check back frequently to see what’s been added. We’ll begin noting the completed additions in the blog section. Thanks from all of us, Walter!