In Newness of Life

"open doors, open minds, open hearts, open hands"

Music by Gordon Light
Words by Gordon Light
Tune Name: MEAFORD

Lyrics as Poetry

Welcomed in, and outward bound,
we seek a world where all belong;
Each broken spirit, renewed, restored,
A world we find through open doors.

And so we look to follow Christ,
walking by grace in newness of life.

We dare to question and to learn,
drawn to a truth that can transform
the way we act, the way we dream,
A wisdom born of open minds.

And so we look to follow Christ,
walking by grace in newness of life.

With open hearts, we long to live
in freedom to receive and give,
unsheltered hearts, and large enough
to bear all wounds in faith and love.

And so we look to follow Christ,
walking by grace in newness of life.

We pray our hands are strong and firm,
not closed to strike, or hurt, or harm.
Open to heal, swift to embrace,
hands that reveal compassion’s face.

And so we look to follow Christ,
walking by grace in newness of life.

Words by
Gordon LightCopyright © 2015
by Common Cup Music Society

Comments About Song

by Author & Composer

Many churches have used the phrase “Open doors, open minds, open hearts” to describe a welcoming community. In the song, I added “open hands”. It seems to me that they are four cornerstones of our following Christ that lead to newness of life.

Concerning the Tune Name (MEAFORD): The song was written using the first part of the mission statement of Christ Church, Meaford, Ontario (Canada).

ADDITIONAL NOTE: “In Newness of Life”
is one of 15 original selections found on
“Earth Beneath Your Feet”, one of the many
Common Cup Company CD recordings.

"In Newness of Life"

This sample is the song in its entirety from Common Cup Company's CD, "Earth Beneath Your Feet".
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Scripture Reference

  • Romans 6:4

Season, Theme
or Subject

  • Compassion
  • Dream, Dreaming
  • Faith
  • Grace
  • Heal, Healing
  • Inclusiveness
  • Question, Questioning
  • Renewal
  • Truth
  • Welcome
  • Wisdom

Presentation Suggestions

“In Newness of Life” presents itself as a fine congregational song either with the community singing it in its entirety or just by joining on the refrains. If song leadership is being offered by a choir or vocal ensemble, sing at least the first two verses in unison to provide leadership for the congregation if they are singing the verses.

After establishing the melody of the refrain the first time, part singing (using any of the available harmony configurations) will strengthen the message of the text on subsequent refrains.

The refrain can be further energized by doing an instrumental tacet at the end of each verse, singing the pickup notes (“And so we”) without accompaniment. A strong, precise re-entry of the instrumental accompaniment following the tacet will provide additional encouragement for congregational participation.

As Common Cup Company has done on their recording, singing a double refrain after the fourth verse provides additional impact.

One further note: While the notation of the first three notes is straight 8th notes, you may wish to sing those as Common Cup Company does on the recording. That is, singing the first note as an 8th note, the second as a dotted 8th, and the third as a 16th.

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