I Ask You, God

• An all-ages song

Music by Ron Klusmeier
Words by Walter Farquharson
Tune Name: ELROSE

Lyrics as Poetry

I ask you, God, to speak to me
in a way that I can hear.
I ask you, God, to help me see
how, in my friends, you’re near.

I want, O God, to know your name
and where it is you live.
I want to run with burning flame
and learn what I can give.

I ask you, God, to fill my heart
with love for all your earth.
I’ll struggle, spend, and do my part,
serve you for all I’m worth.

Words by
Walter FarquharsonCopyright © 1984 by Walter Farquharson
Administered by Hope Publishing Company
Carol Stream, Illinois • USA

Comments About Song

A Reflection by

The words of this song are simple and straight forward. If you have ever talked with young children about God, about Jesus, about following Jesus, you have probably heard, from them, every question that’s included in this song.

If you are familiar with the Biblical stories, you can make a list of people from these stories who asked of God, or some messenger from God, the same questions. I think of Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Isaiah, the Psalmist, Hannah, Mary, and that just starts the list.

Some of the questions are likely to be expressed at a critical point of decision-making – regardless of the age of the questioner. They are likely to be asked in times of darkness and confusion and at times when we wonder what comes next in our lives.

God’s word needs to come to us in a way that we can hear.  There will be barriers within our hearts and minds and there will be barriers created by the families and society of which we are a part.  

“Where does God live?” a child asks. “God is everywhere,” I reply. As if that was an answer! The child needs, and I need, examples.

“When  I visited Arnold in the hospital and he told me about how God was with him through all his suffering and how he had learned to pray that God would somehow use his suffering to help others, I knew God was there, working with love in Arnold’s life and in mine.”   

“The first time I held you, my child, and looked at you in my arms, God was there.”  

“When George, the homeless man, was leaving our home and he said a prayer for us, God was there, in him – in his heart and in his action.”

“When we stood on the dugout hill and together watched the migrating flocks of geese and cranes  and just watched all day and never saw a time there weren’t flocks of birds somewhere in that vast sky we were all filled with wonder, and God was there.”

God is everywhere. Sometimes we see. Sometimes we know. Sometimes we just ask the questions.

The world of athletics and sports is important for many children and youth.  Most have their favourite teams and their favourite players.  Coaches, team-mates, teachers, parents, fans and friends often speak words intended to encourage and inspire. “Hang in there.” “Give it your best.” “It’s how you play the game that counts.” “Try again.” “Play your part. You’re part of the team.”

So too with our discipleship. We spend and are willing to be spent.

We try again. Like the Olympians, we run inspired by flaming torch, burning flame – or Pentecostal tongues of fire!,

The hymn/prayer is as valid for me as an octogenarian as it is for any eight year old.

                                                    Audio Sample

One verse played on piano

Scripture References

  • Exodus 3:1-14
  • Luke 18:18-25
  • John 3:1-10
  • John 4:1-15
  • John 13:31-35
  • 1 Corinthians 9:24-25
  • Philippians 3:12-14
  • 2 Timothy 4:7
  • Hebrews 12:1-2

Season, Theme
or Subject

  • All-ages
  • Challenge
  • Children∶ music for
  • Christian∶ journey
  • Intergenerational
  • Lent
  • Prayer

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