Doom and Danger / Care and Courage

Music by Ron Klusmeier
Words by Brian Wren

Lyrics as Poetry

Doom and danger Jesus knows,
as with deep, determined love,
care and courage hand in glove,
to Jerusalem he goes.Striding onward, pressed for time,
but alert to care and feel,
Jesus waits to hear and heal
Bartimaeus, begging blind.Soon Zacchaeus’ life could end:
angry crowds surround his tree.
Jesus dared to disagree
“I must eat with you, my friend.”On a donkey at the gate,
Jesus, peaceable and poor,
saying no to holy war,
knows that praise will turn to hate.Care and courage, hand in glove,
mark the journey to the cross,
as in Christ God gives to us
daring, deep, determined love.

Words by
Brian WrenCopyright © 1993 by Hope Publishing Company
(Carol Stream, Illinois) for USA,
Canada, Australia and New Zealand.Copyright © 1993 by Stainer & Bell Limited
(London, England) for all other territories

Comments About Song

from his book “Piece Together Praise” (p 37):

“March 1989, from meditating on the way in which Jesus, a determined male, ‘set his face
to go to Jerusalem’ (Luke 9:51), but was nonetheless immediately available to people needing his help. To work-oriented moderns,
his journey might seem full of interruptions;
to Jesus, they are the journey.”

Piece Together Praise
(A Theological Journey)
is co-published by:Hope Publishing Company
Carol Stream, IL USA
(for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand)Stainer & Bell, Limited
London, England
(for all other countries)

                                                    Audio Sample

One verse played on piano

Scripture References

  • Matthew 21:1-11
  • Mark 10:46
  • Mark 11:1-11
  • Luke 9:51
  • Luke 18:25-43
  • Luke 19:1-10

Season, Theme
or Subject

  • Bartimaeus
  • Care, Caring
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Heal, Healing
  • Jesus∶ life & ministry
  • Justice, Human Rights
  • Lent
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Tree, Trees
  • Zacchaeus

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