"You are my beloved son; in you I am well-pleased"

Music by Gordon Light
Words by Gordon Light
Tune Name: BELOVED

Lyrics as Poetry

Your word upon deep waters,
sounds the wonder of our name: beloved;
Out of chaos you bring order,
by your grace we’re called and claimed: beloved.
Your breath gives life and raises us from dust
in your love we know this name is never lost,
in this gracious truth we trust,
we know it is enough to be beloved.

When we are most alone,
you meet our longing to be found: we are beloved;
When we are most at peace,
in this name we know we’re blessed: beloved.
At table you create for us a home,
A family in which we’re fully known,
Ever making us your own,
your daughters and your sons: beloved.

In the calling of our names,
we are sent to give ourselves as your beloved.
With a love that makes us friends,
we are called to share this wealth: all are beloved.
Not ours alone, this gift that heals and mends,
This word restoring life to earth’s far ends,
That all will share the dream
and come to know their name: beloved.

In this name let us rejoice —
every creature, find your voice: cry out beloved;
Make known both near and far
in every clod of dirt and star: all are beloved.
Beloved Maker, Holy One who names all things,
Beloved Christ,
Source from whom all mercy springs,
Spirit, welling up within,
ever give us strength to sing: beloved.

Words by
Gordon LightCopyright © 2019
by Common Cup Music Society

Comments About Song

by Author & Composer

The song reflects my sense of Genesis 1:1-2:4 (Creation) and the opening chapters of the synoptic gospels (You are my Beloved son, in you I am well-pleased). So: Baptism of the Lord in Epiphany and Transfiguration (the last Sunday of Epiphany or Second of Lent).

The progression of the verses is:
1) Creation/Baptism;
2) belonging/community;
3) mission (to love others); and
4) joy/praise that we are beloved.

Paul and other New Testament writers speak of those to whom they write as beloved or beloved in Christ.

Thus I can see this hymn as a resource for Baptism of Christ, Transfiguration, marking the occasion of someone’s baptism, or even a funeral as a reminder of one’s ‘status’: No one is beyond the fullness of God’s love.

                                                    Audio Sample

One instrumental verse
played on piano

By way of demonstrating the versatility of this title, the piano sample verse is played quite slowly and freely.

Scripture References

  • Genesis 1:1-2:4
  • Matthew 17:1-9
  • Mark 9:2-8
  • Luke 9:28-36

Season, Theme
or Subject

  • Baptism
  • Creation
  • Epiphany
  • Transfiguration

Presentation Suggestions

BELOVED works equally well as a solo, choral offering or congregational hymn. Whichever way one chooses to us it, the song will benefit from singing and playing fluidly rather than holding to a rigid tempo. Allow the text for each verse to shape the singing.

Because there are differences in syllable/note wedding from verse to verse, practice in advance to provide solid leadership and presentation.

If BELOVED is sung by a mixed group of singers, consider trying any of the following:
• Sing the first verse in unison.
• Male voices sing a verse (or two) on the melody with altos humming their part.
• SA voices sing a verse without the TB voices.
• Break a verse into sections with SA voices singing some (in unison) and TB others (also unison).
• If the song is offered as a choral piece or solo, invite the congregation to sing along on the final verse.

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