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A gift for Earth Day.


    Shirley Erena Murray’s text, “Silent Spring Song”, was inspired by her reading of Rachael Carson’s book titled “Silent Spring”. This song has long been a favourite of mine and it just seems to keep growing.

    Lonnie Moddle led the song in countless choral workshops on my 2012-13 Tour of a Lifetime. David Moddle recorded a vocal version which appears on the Musiklus website. Now Christina Bogucki has breathed yet more life into these words in the newly created video, the link for which is attached.

    While it is especially appropriate as we approach Earth Day 2024, the message of this selection is an important ‘every day’ reminder of our need to responsibly respect and care for our individual specks on the planet — as well as earth’s delicately balanced place in the mystery of the universe.

    Best viewed full screen (Vimeo control is at bottom right of image) and, if possible, with headphones or ear buds.

    Ron Klusmeier

    Silent Spring Song from MUSIKLUS: music of Ron Klusmeier on Vimeo.