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Choose from hundreds of music titles with versions for virtually every choir, ensemble, congregation and instrument. Original music by Ron Klusmeier set to lyrics by Walter Farquharson, Fred Kaan, Shirley Erena Murray, John Oldham, Brian Wren and others — plus words and music by songwriter friends. New titles added regularly!


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Musiklus – Over 25 Years of Music + Resources for Worship

Ron & Christina and a new friend in Seville, Spain
Ron & Christina and a new friend in Seville, Spain

Musiklus was established in 1996 by composer Ron Klusmeier and his partner, Christina Bogucki. Ron is a composer and resource consultant for churches throughout North America and beyond, providing leadership for workshops, seminars, concerts, and worship celebrations. Recognizing that we were in a time of dramatic technical advance which would impact how music might be delivered from composer to end-user, Ron began to dream of a way to move from traditional sheet music to digital resources. Musiklus has built an extensive music library for worship, including hymns, songs and anthems, plus resources such as projection images, accompaniment recordings and video. READ MORE…

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