May the Sending One Sing in You

Music by Ron Klusmeier
Words by Brian Wren
Tune Name: JASPER

Lyrics as Poetry

May the Sending One sing in you,
May the Seeking One walk with you,
May the Greeting One stand by you,
in your gladness and in your grieving.May the Gifted One relieve you,
May the Given One retrieve you,
May the Giving One receive you,
in your falling and your restoring.May the Binding One unite you,
May the One Beloved invite you,
May the Loving One delight you,
Three-in-One, joy in life unending.

Words by
Brian WrenCopyright © 1989 by Hope Publishing Company
(Carol Stream, Illinois) for USA,
Canada, Australia and New Zealand.Copyright © 1989 by Stainer & Bell Limited
(London, England) for all other territories

Comments About Song

from his book “Piece Together Praise” (p 139):


Piece Together Praise
(A Theological Journey)
is co-published by:Hope Publishing Company
Carol Stream, IL USA
(for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand)Stainer & Bell, Limited
London, England
(for all other countries)

Audio Sample

One Verse
played on piano by Ron Klusmeier

Season, Theme
or Subject

  • Beauty
  • Close of Worship
  • Commissioning
  • God∶ nature of
  • Trinity

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