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Sheelah Megill

Sheelah is a vibrant singer-song leader who also writes and performs dramatic monologues which interpret and present Scripture in a powerful and innovative style. Her creative ministry gives new life to biblical stories, bringing them into the present and inspiring listeners and readers to revisit and contemplate these stories from a new perspective.

Sheelah is an award winning actor with numerous television and film credits. She has performed in live theatre and worked extensively in the film industry with roles in nearly 30 movies.

Sheelah recorded and toured extensively with Ron, offering concerts and workshops featuring his music wedded with the words of Ruth Duck, Walter Farquharson, Fred Kaan, Shirley Murray, John Oldham, and Brian Wren. While on tour, she also conducted workshops which featured her original creative work drawn from her publications, ‘Your Faith Has Made You Whole’, ‘My Great Grandmother’s House’, and ‘You’ll Know What To Say When You Get There’.

Sheelah’s creative gifts also include prose and poetry writing. Her sensitive song lyrics offer introspective thoughts and images which transport people to places of contemplation and compassion.