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Lorne Robson

Lorne was a rancher and lover of creation who lived in southern Manitoba.

I first met this gentle, sensitive man at the Prairie Christian Training Centre in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. He had come to be a part of a hymnwriting course which was being offered by Walter Farquarson and me. Those interested in creating hymn texts worked with Walter; those who wished to work at music composition worked with me. At the end of the week, we attempted wedding the words and music that had been created over the previous five days. I found myself deeply moved by Lorne’s work and set one of his texts (‘Rustic Brown’) to music myself on that last day of the event. This was the beginning of a long-distance friendship which we both treasured.

Our friendship was enriched by our common association with Gertrude Jasper of Hartney, Manitoba who lived to celebrate her 100th birthday. Gertrude is a legend in southern Manitoba, not only for her decades of musical contributions, but for her work in agriculture as well. It was Gertrude who insisted that Lorne should go to PCTC. Without her, we might never have known each other.

Lorne died in 2018 and ‘Rustic Brown’ was sung at his memorial service.