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Brian Wren

Brian is an ordained minister of the United Reformed Church of Great Britain and an internationally published hymn writer whose work appears in hymnals from many denominations and traditions throughout the English-speaking world. Born in London in 1936, he studied at Oxford, taking degrees in Modern Languages and Theology, including a D. Phil for work on the Hebrew prophets. Upon completion of his doctoral work, he served in parish ministry, then as a campaigner and adult education consultant on world poverty issues.

Since 1983, Brian has followed a freelance ministry, helping worshippers, ministers, educators and musicians to improve skills and deepen spirituality. Now living in the USA, Brian is on the United Reformed Church roll of ministers as serving overseas.

Susan Heafield is Brian’s partner in marriage and in ministry. She is an ordained minister with the United Methodist Church, as well as a composer, singer, pianist, and guitarist. Together, Susan and Brian write songs for worship in a contemporary “gospel-folk” style. They co-lead workshops and courses when their respective commitments permit.