Piano: Melody Line and Chords

IN GENERAL: “Hymn-style” means that the accompaniment is identical for all verses. The various Hymn-style Accompaniments are compatible with all “Hymn-style Vocal Harmonization” versions and “Instrumental Melody Line” versions which is useful for assembling custom arrangements.

  • For keyboard players who use chord notation.
  • Chords include Bass Instrument notation.
  • While categorized “Hymn-style”, this version
    encourages improvisation and expansion of the
    accompaniment within the chord structure.
  • Useful when playing piano service music or when
    accompanying “Hymn-style Vocal Harmonization”
    or “Instrumental Melody Line” versions.
  • Every measure is numbered for rehearsal
    convenience when used as accompaniment for
    “Hymn-style Vocal Harmonization” versions or
    “Instrumental Melody Line” versions.

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